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Sandip Anand



University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep '18 - Sep '19)

Master of Science in Psychology of Mental Health, Award: Merit

Chennai Counselling Services Academy (Jan '20 - Apr '20)

Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Life Coaching

Anna University, India (Aug ‘13 - Apr ‘17)
B.Tech Biotechnology. Award: First Class



Founder and Counsellor, Becoming Centre for Mental Health (May '21 - Present)

  • A mental health service offering mental health counselling and education

  • Managed a blog site and Instagram page providing evidence-based information on psychology, mental health, and counselling

  • Creating and delivering educational workshops for school students to improve mental health

Research Intern at Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM) (Apr ‘23 - Jun ‘23)

  • An NGO providing healthcare and social support to oppressed and marginalised communities experiencing mental health challenges and homelessness 

  • Worked within the Centre for Integrated Mental Health Systems (CIMHS)

  • Conducted extensive literature reviews on public mental health systems, distress prevalence, and community-based systems to support existing services, funding proposals, and research

  • Conducted interviews and prepared a case report to assess course outcomes and the phenomenological experiences of students at BALM

Support Practitioner at Carr Gomm (Apr '19 - Feb '20)

  • A Scottish social care and community development charity

  • Used a person-centred approach to support vulnerable adults with severe mental health issues living in supported housing services

  • Assisted service users to move from long-term, in-patient psychiatric care

  • Coordinated with NHS Scotland (National Health Service), mental health officers, and other stakeholders to provide social, emotional, and medical support


Master’s Dissertation, Supervised by Dr Karen Goodall, University of Edinburgh

“Fear of Happiness and Positive Emotion Regulation as Mediators of the Relationship between Adult Attachment and Anxiety”

  • Conducted a serial multiple mediation analysis using SPSS on quantitative data obtained through an online survey

  • The study provided clarity on the underlying process behind attachment and symptoms of anxiety, firmly implicating fear of happiness and positive emotion regulation as mediators


Bachelor’s dissertation, Supervised by Dr John P. John, NIMHANS, India

“A Study on Working Memory and Response Inhibition in Schizophrenia”

  • Studied working memory and response inhibition in people with schizophrenia

  • Conducted meta-analyses using GingerALE on secondary fMRI data to identify regions of the brain implicated

  • Comparisons with healthy controls showed a lack of activation in subcortical regions of the brain hinting at probable causes of dysfunction

  • The study also highlighted the need for standardising fMRI procedures and outcome reporting

Qualitative Study (undertaken as part of my master’s degree)

“What are the factors that sustain internet usage in LGBT Youth from Sweden”

  • Conducted an inductive thematic analysis to understand the factors that sustain internet usage in LGBT youth in Sweden

  • Coded secondary data obtained from a focus group of 8 teens; Identified themes of exploring identity, fulfilling emotional and social needs, and availability of technology as factors


  1. Single Session Therapy (SST) with Prof. Windy Dryden (26 hours)

  2. 6-week Training for Bereavement and Grief Counselling with Dr John Wilson (18 hours)

  3. Pluralistic Therapy; Relational Depth & Goals in Therapy with Dr Mick Cooper (21 hours)

  4. Trauma-informed Approach to Psychological Interventions with Syam K Ravindran, CORE (12 hours)

  5. Emotionally-Focussed Therapy with Syam K Ravindran, CORE  (12 hours)

  6. Existential therapy with Dr Ernesto Spinelli (6 hours)

  7. Working Successfully with Men in Therapy with James Hawes (6 hours)

  8. Workshops on Suicide Prevention (at the Suicide Prevention Summit 2022 by MHA) (7 hours)

  9. Internship in Clinical Psychology with Fortis Healthcare and Sukoon Health (50 hours)



  1. Graduate Member, British Psychological Society, Membership No. 509219 (Jan ‘20 - Present​)

  2. Member, Therapy and Social Change Network - An emerging organisation exploring the interface between therapeutic ideas and practices and social justice perspectives and actions (Mar ‘23 - Present)


  1. Co-founded ‘F.E.E.L.S.’, an organisation that raised awareness of emotional well-being at Edinburgh; Organised an art exhibition at the University of Edinburgh and another at an independent venue as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF) (Oct '18 - Jan '20)

  2. Volunteered at Best Buddies (The University of Edinburgh), a non-profit organisation creating opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (Sep '18 - Mar '20)

  3. Member of Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN), Chennai helping conserve the vulnerable Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) (Jan '12 - Present)

  4. Rajya Puraskar Scout (Governor’s Award) with The Bharat Scouts and Guides - the second-highest award in India for exemplary social work, health literacy, and community participation (Jan ‘07 - Apr ‘13)



Mrs Aishwarya Ramesh, Co-Lead (CIMHS), Senior Research Associate, BALM 


Karthik Lakshmanan, Counselling Supervisor, Chennai Counselling Services

Dr Karen Goodall, Senior Lecturer and Master's Dissertation Supervisor, University of Edinburgh

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