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From the Founder

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology of Mental Health from the University of Edinburgh, a PG Diploma in Counselling, several hours of independent counselling training, and over 3 years of experience as a mental health professional.

As a counsellor, I lean towards an integrative and pluralistic approach where clients' preferences for the process are accommodated. Working collaboratively with the client, I hope to individualise the counselling process to the client's preferences rather than expecting them to conform to my theoretical beliefs or comfort zone. My practice is evidence-based and supervised by peers and experts.

To me, counselling is a social, cultural, and political process where our roles as counsellor and client are not removed from our identities in the 'outside' world. I am an ethnically Indian, middle-class, cishet male from a scheduled caste community.

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Sandip Anand (he/him)

M.Sc., PG. Dip., GMBPsS


About Becoming

The name 'Becoming' is inspired by Carl Rogers' idea that the good life is one where we are in a constant flow of change, that we are a process, and that we are always becoming. Resonating with this idea, we consider our work to be a way to facilitate this in others. Becoming Centre for Mental Health was started in May 2021 to offer counselling services and mental health education.

Mission Statement

To provide ethical, evidence-based counselling service and empower people through mental health education while striving to be inclusive, accessible, and affordable


To make high-quality mental health services accessible and common, to combat the stigma and neglect surrounding mental health through education and counselling

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