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A Guide to Counselling and Therapy

Mental health issues can be complicated and messy. Usually, there isn’t an aspect of our lives that is left unaffected, and we might find it hard to compartmentalise. When struggling, we dig deep to access our resources or lean on our support systems. But sometimes, we might not have resources mobilised or feel underprepared to deal with what’s happening to us. At such times, we turn to external systems that can help. Counselling and therapy is one such system that we can access. 


However, the process of accessing counselling and therapy isn’t straightforward, especially in a country like India which is still grappling with the idea of mental health. Stigma and neglect are rampant and further hinder us. There is also a systemic lack of education and awareness on mental health, psychology, emotions, counselling, and therapy. At such times, it might be overwhelming to figure out what counselling and therapy are and find proper support. 


This guide hopefully can help. I have tried to provide as much information and details as possible without being overwhelming. The guide is also packed into sections so you can skip the noise and navigate to the topic that you want to explore. If there are any unanswered questions, write to I will do my best to answer but it might take a while. I will also keep updating this guide from time to time.

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