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A Guide to Counselling and Therapy

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Mental health issues are complicated and can affect every part of our lives. When struggling, we dig deep to access our inner resources and lean on support systems. But sometimes, we might be underprepared or not have the resources to cope with everything happening to us. Counselling can be helpful during such times. 


However, accessing counselling is rarely easy in a country like India, where stigma and neglect are rampant. There's also a lack of clarity around the process of counselling and how it can help. Resources explaining counselling and therapy are quite hard to come by and often not comprehensive enough. It might be challenging to figure all this out while also dealing with a mental health issue.

To help, I am writing a guide with as much information as possible without being too overwhelming. If you would like to contribute or have any questions about counselling that need answers, consider filling in this questionnaire:

The resulting guide will be freely available on this site.

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