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Other Services

If you are in crisis or are looking for immediate assistance, our service is not for you. Access one of the following services instead.

Sneha Foundation Trust

An anonymous listening service for people in distress and a suicide prevention organization

Tel No. : +91 44 2464 0050 (Currently 10am-10pm)

Email :

The MindClan

The MindClan maintains a curated list of inclusive and supportive resources you can choose from to care for your mental health with ease.


Vandravela Foundation

Based in Thane, Mumbai they offer face-to-face counselling and a 24x7 helpline

Tel. No: +91 9999 666 555 


iCall Helpline

An initiative by TISS Mumbai and Mariwala Foundation, this helpline is active from 8am to 10pm Mon-Sat

Tel. No. : 022-25521111 

Email : 

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