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From the Founder

I was always keen to serve in the field of mental health, the pursuit of which led me to graduate with a Masters of Science degree in Psychology of Mental Health from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. On my return to India, I obtained a post-graduate diploma in Counselling and Life Skills to officially start my journey as a counsellor. 

I lean towards a person-centered and pluralistic approach where clients are firmly in the driver's seat. Aligning with my idea, I trained in an integrative approach that enables me to tailor the counselling process as per the client's preferences rather than expecting the clients to conform to my comfort zone. My practice is evidence-based and supervised by peers and experts. 

About Becoming

The word 'Becoming' comes from Carl Rogers' idea that the good life is one where we are in a flow of change, that we are a process, and that we are always becoming.  We really resonate with this idea and consider our work as a way to facilitate this in others.  Becoming Centre for Mental Health was started in the year 2021 to offer counselling services and mental health education through workshops and modules.


Mission Statement

To provide ethical, evidence-based counselling service and to empower people through mental health education while striving to be inclusive, accessible, and affordable


To make high quality mental health services accessible and common, to combat the stigma and neglect surrounding mental health through education and counselling

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